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Top 5 Things that happens when your get a spinal misalignment (Subluxation)

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In the presence of a SUBLUXATION our bodies are always working less than 100%. Your brain talks to your entire body through the nervous system and it coordinated all function, healing and recreation of new cells. Therefore in the presence of a subluxation, your body is functioning, healing and recreating new cells less than 100%.


You can never reach your FULL POTENTIAL in the presence of a SUBLUXATION. Your full potential is governed by how well your body functions, how well it adapts to stresses and how well it can overcome challenges in your environment. If this is all controlled by the brain and subluxations interfere with brain-body connected then you could never fully reach your full potential. What that looks like in people varies tremendously. For some it might be difficulty getting out of a chair, others having trouble walking across a room, others could be they notice they have trouble thinking or processing information clearly or their performance is less than it was or could be.


There is no alternative to Chiropractic care. I love Physiotherapy, I love Massage, I love acupuncture but none of them are chiropractic. Nothing else on the planet addresses nerve interference and involve the DETECTION and CORRECTION of a Spinal Subluxation (something that is interfering with how the body functions, heals and recreates). Likewise, Chiropractic is not an ALTERNATIVE form of medicine. Alternative means a different way to address the same thing but that’s not what Chiropractic is. Chiropractic is completely and philosophically unique; it’s completely different. Chiropractic is not trying to accomplish the same thing as medicine, it’s trying to help your body function at 100%.


Chiropractic cannot be the treatment of DISEASE. Chiropractic could never be about treating disease because that would mean waiting until the disease forms in the first place (reactive care). It’s also not waiting for the disease to form and doing something to take away the symptom. Chiropractic is PROACTIVE and about the treatment of DIS-EASE, which lack of EASE, lack of BALANCE, and lack of Harmony in the body. When the body is no longer in a state of ease, automatically the body can’t function, heal and recreate the way it was designed. DIS-Ease always comes before DISEASE. Keeping your body functioning optimally is prevention at its best.


Your INNATE INTELLIGENCE always knows more than your Finite Educated Mind. Your innate intelligence knows more in one second how to balance your blood pressure, how to balance your hormones, how to balance your chemistry, how to create new kidney cells, create new toe nails, and fight off germs without you ever having to know that. The conduit that allows for the flow of INNATE INTELLIGENCE from the brain to the body is in YOUR BACK. The healthier your back is the better your INNATE INTELLIGENCE and function, heal and recreate. We must recognize that in ALL circumstances your INNATE always works for the betterment of your body as a whole. So your innate always knows more than your educated mind.


Love you and here for you 100%, 


Dr. Matthew Posa

Milton Chiropractor and Owner of The Healthy Family Chiropractic

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Dr. Posa received his degree in 2012 from Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. Upon graduation, he established The Healthy Family in Milton, Ontario Canada and has won Chiropractor of the year in 2015.


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