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Why we use Spinal EMG to track patients progress

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One if the unique advantages you have in this office is your ability to track your progress. Each year, we compare results from the previous year in a detailed exam. One of the tools we use to evaluate and track your progress is through spinal EMG scanner. Many clinics do not offer this technology but I believe it is necessary to your understanding and your ability to track your own progress.

What is EMG? Static sEMG (surface electro-myography) is the best way to measure the electrical activity of the para-spinal muscles. It effectively provides a quantifiable means of showing patients what I feel and assess each visit with my hands. Simply put, it is an electronic form of palpation (assessment with hands). The device effectively and scientifically measures the muscular response to spinal subluxation 

How does it do this? When subluxations occur, the neurology is altered and the muscles on either side of the spine become uncoordinated. When muscles lose coordination, it loses its ability to hold and stabilize normal spinal movement and position. The scanner sends an electrical impulse and measures the resistance in the signal. Major changes in the signal demonstrates poor tone and resistance to normal spinal conditioning aka. SUBLUXATION. The worse the Subluxation, the worse your SCORE will be. 

What does the score mean? The score is the best way for you to see your improvement. Ideally, the score would be ZERO, meaning there is ZERO interference and optimal signalling from the brain. After 8 years and close to 100,000 scans, it always amazes me when patients come in with a score of 2-3000 and after a year, their scores be around 60. That’s a 200% change!  

It happens all the time, you are scheduled for a progress exam but you don’t feel good, or you had an accident, or you are stressed because of something or someone. Guess what will happen to your score? IT WILL GO UP! So on a particular occasion, after we scanned a patient that normally has a low score, we noticed a huge spike. 424!!!! LLL

After he confirmed he wasn’t feeling well and was stressed I told him we would scan him again after his adjustment. I wanted him to see how impactful the adjustment is for his health and how immediate it is. Here is his score: 88!  JJJ

That’s the power of an adjustment. It restores balance not only to your spine but your entire neurology. LESS stress means more healing. Regular adjustments help you live not only with less pain but with more energy, better sleep and better health.


Love you and here for you 100%, 


Dr. Matt


Dr. Posa received his degree in 2012 from Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. Upon graduation, he established The Healthy Family in Milton, Ontario Canada and has won Chiropractor of the year in 2015.


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