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Dr. Matthew Posa D.C. - Owner, Family Chiropractor, Public Speaker, Health Advisor & Educator

image1"I grew up in a chiropractic family. My dad is a chiropractor and I remember when I was little he would come home and talk so passionately about all the lives that were being changed in his office. Miracle after miracle, and it was then I decided I wanted to help people experience their true God -Given health potential. Regular Chiropractic care was just like daily tooth brushing, I did it so my spine would grow healthy. I thought people were weird because they didn't take care of their spine. Since then it has been my passion to bring chiropractic and true health care to thousands. Nothing brings me more joy then to see someones life change under care. Miracles were part of my childhood and now they are part of my everyday."


Dr. Matthew Posa is passionate about changing lives, bringing people closer to their life goals by increasing health and function. He started his career in 2012 and 2014 moved to Milton to bring spinal correction to his community. In his first year in Milton, he was voted as the best chiropractor in Milton during the 2015 Milton choice awards. While most chiropractors focus on symptom relief, Dr. Posa has chosen to specialize in Posture and Spinal Correction. Simply put, his passion is to fix the problem. His ability to provide patient focused care while addressing the cause and not the symptom has led to new grounds in health care. 

Matthew has a vision for health for Milton. Dr. Posa's true passion is found in treating the complete family, from Pregnancy to Adulthood. Special training in Websters Technique has allowed Dr. Posa to help women throughout pregnancy as well as for breech pregnancy and post natal care. 

Dr. Matthew Posa Family Sept 2018Dr. Posa and his wife Jane are proud parents to their son Caleb who was born in November 2017. 


Techniques and Training

Blair Upper Cervical Technique

Functional Neurology

Gonstead Chiropractic Technique

Chiropractic BioPhysics

Webster's Technique - ICPA (International Chiropractic Pediatric Association) 

Thompson Technique

Diversified Technique

Activator/Impulse Method



chiropractors-milton-2018-clr 2018 Diamond2017 MC DIAMOND MEDALLIONMilton Choice Diamond 2016MCDiamond 2015


2011 - Ed Devereaux Award - Macquarie University / Sydney Chiropractic - Outstanding Effort for a student 

2015 - Milton Choice Award - Diamond - Favourite People - Chiropractor in Milton

2016 - Milton Choice Awad - Diamond & Platinum - Favourite Business or Service - Holistic Healing

2016 - Milton Choice Award - Platinum - Favourite People - Chiropractor in Milton

2016 - 3 Best Rated - Top Chiropractor -

2017 - Milton Choice Awards - Diamond - Holistic Healing - Dr. Matthew Posa

2017 - Milton Choice Awards - Platinum - Favourite Chiropractor - Dr. Matthew Posa

2017 - Milton Choice Awards - Platinum - Best Chiropractic Clinic - The Healthy Family Chiropractic

2017 - 3 Best Rated - Top Chiropractor -

2018 - 3 Best Rated - Top Chiropractor -

2018 - Milton Choice Awards - Diamond - Favourite Chiropractor and Best Chiropractic Clinic in Milton




Dr. Meredith Smith D.C. - Associate Chiropractor and Lifestyle advisor


Dr. Meredith Smith

Hi, my name is Dr. Meredith. I want you to have a great understanding of who I am as a doctor for I believe doing this will allow you to choose the right health care provider for YOU! This is tremendously important in starting a successful health journey for yourself, because through this process we will become a team in recreating your healthiest happiest you.


To start, I graduated from Bishop MacDonnell Catholic High School in 2006, with a deep desire to follow in my grandfather's footsteps as a Doctor of CHiropractic. With that said, my passion for chiropractic started with my own health concerns, which further encouraged me to fast track my biological chemistry degree at the University of Guelph. After my three years there, I was accepted into the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in 2009, and graduated in June 2012. From there, I began practicing in Kitchener, and then relocated in July 2018 to The Healthy Family Chiropractor in Milton so I could be closer to my family after having my first beautful baby in January 2018.


I have deep passion and thorough knowledge about what allows the body to be healthy and what hinders the body from being well. This knowledge stems from my own personal experience with chronic pain and being "unwell", and has grown throughout my jouney of serving hundreds of patients who have each experienced their own unique health struggles. These past 6 years of practising as a Chiropractor have taught me that spinal health is the key component to the overall health of the body, and is commonly the missing peice for those seeking better health. Restoring proper spinal health in combination with the other key pillars of health including nutrition, exercise and mental health, is the most effective and long-lasting way back to becoming a healthier person!


Wheather it's chronic pain, headaches, migraines, back pain, neck pain, anxiety, depression, weight issues, or acute injuries, chiropractic is the way to the healthiest version of yourself. I know because I have lived it and helped hundreds of others live it too! The chiropractic lifestyle is the bodies most natural way of living and healing. It has given me and my family the freedom to live our lives exactly how we have always dreamed of; pain free, strong and naturally.


Of course, I did not get here without alot of hard work, continuous education, and consisten training, so here is a list of my certifications and training:

              - Functional Neurology

              - Chiropractic BioPhysics 

              - Webster's Techniqie - ICPA (International Chiropractic Pediatric Assocition)

              - Thompson Technique

              - Diversified Technique

              - Activator/Impulse Method


Thank you for taking a thorough look into who i am as a doctor, and for choosing me to be part of your health care team. I look forward to serving you and watching as you an your families lives are transformed.



Dr. Denise Khanna - Exam Doctor

Dr D

Dr. Denise has always had a passion for the health sciences. She began her pre-chiropractic career studying at McMaster University, where she successfully completed her Bachelor of Science degree. With a particular interest in human physiology, Denise was able to make this the focal point of her undergraduate studies.

 “The human body is an amazing thing! If we allow it to function as it should, it has an extraordinary ability to heal itself.”
Dr. Denise was accepted to New York Chiropractic College where she successfully completed her Doctor of Chiropractic degree. During this time, she studied various subjects such as neurology, anatomy, physiology and the importance of proper posture.
“Good posture leads to good health. We need to emphasize the importance of our spines and having our nervous system working properly – especially in children!”
Dr. Denise’s health is a top priority in her life. When not in the community sharing chiropractic, she enjoys running outdoors, playing the piano and being with her loving family. “I love seeing all the extraordinary changes in our patients. Every day I am amazed and feel so fortunate to be a part of such a wonderful team at Healthy Family.”




 Jasna J. - Chiropractic Health Assistant / RMT

Jasna Jolic

Jasna brings over 14 years of customer service experience and is also a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT). Her knowledge and passion for health is truly felt as soon as you walk into the clinic. " I have always enjoyed helping people achieve their goals and I believe in educating and sharing my knowledge with the paitents to further their health."

To book a massage please contact us HERE or call 905-699-6647

Away from the clinic, Jasna enjoys spending time with her large family. She also grew up playing competitive volleyball and today she enjoys volunteering and coaching volleyball within the community. 





 Meghali K.- Chiropractic Health Assistant / Administrator



Meghali is our newest team member and brings with her over 8 years of customer service. Meghali came to Canada in 2015 from India to pursue her Bachelor of Arts (English) and now also holds an advanced Diploma in French and Hospitality Management. Before joining our team, Meghali and her husband were patients and today they continue to help others understand how Chiropractic can transform lives when part of a healthy lifestyle. 


Interesting fact, Meghali speaks 5 languages – English, Hindi, Marathi, French, and Spanish

She is passionate about languages, travelling, learning about different cultures and photography as well as enjoys badminton and swimming.

Favorite Quote:

If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves.” By Thomas Edison


- Chiropractic Health Assistant / Patient Care Coordinator










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