Your Second Visit

Report of Findings - 2nd visit

This is the abolute most important visit you will have at the clinic. After your first visit, Dr. Posa and team have carefully reviewed all the information and have come up with the best course of action. This is where you will receive a special report of findings including detailed examination findings and recommendations that are specifically designed to help you achieve your health goals. Dr. Posa will explain what Chiropractic is and is not, what makes The Healthy Family Chiropractic truly unique and the type of Chiropractic we specialise in that has revolutionized the health industry.

Our first priority is to make sure that you have all of the information you require to make an informed health choice for you and your family.  During your Report of Findings we will offer answers to the four questions most practice members have:


We suggest that you bring your partner with you for this second appointment. We find that when they understand our recommendations, there is more support and encouragement in helping you succeed in your vision for your health.

Following your report of findings and detailed care recommendation you will be given the opportunity to receive your first Chiropractic adjustment