Children also benefit from regular Chiropractic Care!

BABY K 1020Most Children today experience their first traumatic event the moment they enter the world; during their delivery. Deliveries in hospitals include forceps, vacuum extraction, caeserean section (C-Section) and vaginally. This can put dangerous pressure on their developing bodies and cause major stress on their nervous system. As they grow up, learning to walk, falling, playing and all types of physical activity puts stress on the spine and spinal nerves; this may lead to lowering a child’s resistance and open the door for many illnesses. 

The slightest misalignment can cause a child to suffer from headaches, back pain, poor concentration, irritability, etc. and for many, a simple, painless spinal exam will allow your Chiropractor to find, and treat if necessary any misalignments. Remember, pain fibers are not fully developed until the age of 9, so many children are not able to express pain and parents are unaware of any problems.

Chiropractic Care in Milton for children is much more than just spinal exams. Dr. Matthew Posa is passionate about taking care of children since he himself was adjusted as a baby. He can examine and monitor the growth of your child’s body, address important nutritional needs, offer correct exercise programs, and help to prepare your child for a healthy adulthood.


For more information, read this article: Why Infants Need Chiropractic Care 


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